We have worked for many years with couples and families to better manage conflict. The tools and expertise that have been developed are now available to those who want to improve their relationships before it is too late. Learn how to recognize the conflict management styles and communication styles of yourself and of others around you. This awareness, and the skills that we will teach you for responding to conflict, will eliminate the frustration and disappointment that is experienced in most relationships. 

The conflict professionals of Gerrard Mediation team up with experts in parenting and family relations to provide regular workshops that you can attend on your own, with a partner, or with the entire family.

Workshop ROI Minimize

The value of these workshops will be the improvement the most important relationships - those with your partner and your children. If you would rather stay married than get divorced, then these workshops will teach you the vital skills necessary to turn your relationships around.

Half-Day Format

The half-day workshops are perfect for busy couples or families who need to learn or refresh their communication skills. An assessment tool is used to identify your conflict management style. Skills are then discussed and implemented to fit your specific needs.

The half-day workshops take place on Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons, or weekday evenings to accommodate most work schedules. Snacks and beverages are included.

Full-Day Format

The full-day workshops include a half-day of conflict management skills training and a half-day of parenting skills training. The combination of training provides partners with the foundation to improve their own relationship and to work as a more effective team in meeting the needs of their children. A box lunch and snacks and beverages are included.

The full-day workshops are held on Saturdays to avoid the need to take time off of work for a full-day workshop.

All of our workshops include exercises and activities that will fit the different learning styles of each participant. Confidentiality and an open environment are maintained to ensure the safety of all participants.

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