Why Coaching? Minimize

Whether or not there is currently conflict in your relationship, conflict is certain to arise because we think differently and have different values.

Conflict coaching is a service by which individuals can be trained to identify their own conflict management style as well as that of those around them. These individuals can be taught to interact with styles other than their own with tolerance rather than frustration. This service reduces the amount of unhealthy conflict, allowing interpersonal relationships to grow strong.

Recipients of this service can be individuals within an intimate relationship or couples seeking to improve relations or deal with ongoing issues. 

Individual Conflict Coaching Minimize

Individual coaching is an effective service for a single person who wants to make a positive impact in his/her own relationships.

If your partner or child is not interested in attending a workshop or participating in mediation or counseling, you can still learn important skills and approaches to enrich the relationship and impact the interactions without involving your partner or children. You will learn about your own impact in communication and conflict in order to make better decisions about your own response. You will be empowered with a deeper understanding of conflict processes that will empower you to make important changes in the relationship dynamic.

Contact our conflict professionals to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Relationship Coaching Minimize

When you experience difficult or ongoing conflict in an established relationship, it may be necessary to seek the help of qualified third-party. Coaching is a pro-active approach to dealing with conflict, even when issues seem to have progressed beyond control or repair.

In the early stages of any relationship, coaching will help you to establish a foundation of successful communication about difficult topics.

Unlike therapy, relationship coaching does not focus on past experiences and on psychological issues. Coaching focuses on the communication patterns between people and on the responses that we each take to conflict.

Coaching is best for couples or families who want to make a focused effort on improving their relationships in a private setting, without other persons. Coaching provides an opportunity to identify, discuss, and resolve specific issues that challenge the relationship.

Contact our conflict professionals to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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